When it comes to the moral decay of Western Civilization, few conversations are of greater potency than the ongoing debate between the axiom of choice and the axiom of determinacy.  Just as social-justice-warrior and so-called physicist Albert Einstein pushed a theory of gravity central to the philosophy of 1960s radical post-modern moral Relativists, so too do neo-Marxists in university mathematics departments push a set theory that undermines the Calvinist values central to the founding of our great nation.

The truth these math professors won’t tell you: THERE IS NO CHOICE.  You are what you are fated to be.  Liberal parents will tell their special snowflake children that they can be whatever they choose.  This is a lie!  You cannot be more than what God intended.  There is no escape from the LORD’s plan.

Of course, Einstein would tell you that his theory of relativity is about the structure of spacetime and doesn’t have sociological implications.  Likewise, proponents of the axiom of choice will feign confusion: “What?  What are you talking about?  The axiom of choice isn’t about socialism.  It’s about defining a choice function on a set of nonempty sets.”

Don’t believe their lies!  The axiom of choice allows mathematicians to use a trick called “transfinite induction.”  This is blasphemy!  Transfinite induction is in direct contradiction with the fundamental finitude of man.

And these so-called set theorists know all too well that the axiom of choice has some unnatural implications.  Stefan Banach and Alfred Tarski used the axiom of choice to cut a pea into pieces and to reassemble the pieces into a ball the size of the sun!  Of course, this notion that a pea and the sun are in some way equivalent—this notion that a pea and the sun are made up of the same constituent pieces—bears clear resemblance to the socialist principle of equality, and flies in the face of Objective reality: Some objects are bigger than others, and some people are better than others.

Banach and Tarski’s proof is difficult to understand, but you don’t have to understand the mathematics to see that the axiom of choice is evil: Why else would liberals make being “pro-choice” a key part of their nefarious agenda?

Worse still than liberals’ pro-choice politics is the relationship the progressive regressive left has with choice.  The axiom of choice (AOC) has close ties to socialists like Bernie Sanders.  AOC even played a foundational role in the development of the Green New Deal—the radical left’s latest attempt to contravene the LORD’s plan by using Green’s functions to redistribute wealth and avert the coming apocalypse.

But here’s the truth:  Even with AOC, post-modern neo-Marxist mathematicians cannot escape their fate.  THE ENDTIMES ARE NIGH!  REPENT!

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