Welcome to Cybernetic Psalms, Kirby Sikes’s blog about science, politics, art, environmentalism, social physics, and anything else that catches my interest.

I studied geophysics at Caltech and planned to enter academia until 2017 when I lost my faith in Human Progress.  I wandered the globe for a while, reading about colonialism and genocide.  Now I spend a lot of my time making music or writing.  Sometimes I worry that humanity is doomed.  In my better moments, I believe that love can save the world.

A few thinkers, artists, and leaders whose ideas I’ve repeatedly returned to over the years (in no particular order) are: Noam Chomsky, John Lennon, John Muir, Scott Alexander, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Viet Thanh Nguyen, Hannah Arendt, Graham Harman, and Robert Sapolsky.

My favorite social media website is Wikipedia, but I’m also fond of Project Euler.

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