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Marketing Shapes How We Interact With Our Bodies

Health is one of those nebulous concepts that seems straightforward and obvious, but then on closer investigation is very difficult to pin down.  Of course, some health judgements are easy, but many aren’t possible to make without aesthetic judgements that are person- or culture-specific.  How important is physical capability?  How important is longevity?  Are athletes

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The Ironic Cultural Misrecollection of Sherlock Holmes

A couple years ago, sick of all the heavy literature I had been reading, I picked up the complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, expecting, in essence, a fun romp.  Sherlock Holmes was, I thought, the original puzzle-fiction: solvable who-dunnit (or how-dunnit) mysteries that encourage the reader to exercise their reasoning skills and that maybe teach something about

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Spiritual Connection to Nature is Punk AF

In her biography of Alexander Von Humboldt (influential 18th/19th century scientist who has been largely neglected by history), Andrea Wulf convincingly argues that Humboldt’s study of American biology was an important factor in the formation of a pan-American identity that led to Latin American independence from Spain.  Up until Humboldt’s observations indicated otherwise, Europeans generally

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