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Sequoia Elementary

Two former schoolmates and I recently published an open letter to the Berkeley school board (BUSD), along with a historical account of our elementary school’s 2005 democratic process to change our name from “Jefferson Elementary.”1Thomas Jefferson became immensely wealthy as an active participant in chattel slavery, and wrote extensively about the subservient place of Black

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Everybody Hates Los Angeles

Every December, I head up to Northern California to see family and friends, and mostly I love catching up with everybody, and feasting, and singing, and other holiday things, but I also have to brace myself for a particular type of interaction: “How’s Los Angeles?”  “You haven’t become an LA native, have you?”  “They haven’t converted you, have

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Simulated Annealing of Opinions

I. How do brains learn things?  Here’s a Tedx talk about bird brains learning how to sing.  It’s pretty neat.  Check it out. I’m by no means an expert in this field, but my understanding is that bird brain song learning is pretty generalizable to brain learning in general.  Basically, brains learn through experimentation.  Change

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